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Maca Genome Hub is a genomic database for Maca(Lepidium meyenii).

Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp, 2n = 8x = 64) of Brassicaceae family is an Andean economic plant cultivated on the 4000-4500 meters central sierra in Peru.The sequencing of the whole maca genome on the Illumina HiSeq 2500 platform yielded 1.88 billion reads in ten paired-end libraries. These reads represented 361.73 Gb raw data, which were about 482 × coverage of the estimated maca genome. A draft de novo assembly of the reads resulted in a total contig length of 728.8 Mb and a total scaffold length of 743.2 Mb, which covered 97.04% and 98.93% of the estimated maca genome, respectively. The contig and scaffold N50 sizes were 81 kb and 2.4 Mb respectively, which were among the longest in the published plant genomes based on short Illumina reads. A preliminary evaluation of the assembly quality showed that 2,636 scaffolds with sizes ranging from 2 kb to the maximum 8.8 Mb covered 86% of the assembled genome, and over 97% of the clean reads from paired-end libraries could be mapped back to the assembled genome.

This hub launched by Dr. Fei Chen and Prof. Liangsheng Zhang, maintains a database of genetic and molecular biology data for maca(Lepidium Meyenii). Prof.Zhang is one of the leader in the Lepidium Meyenii sequencing project.


Jing Zhang, Yang Tian, Liang Yan, Guanghui Zhang, Xiao Wang, Yan Zeng, Jiajin Zhang, Xiao Ma, Yuntao Tan, Ni Long, Yangzi Wang, Yujin Ma, Yuqi He, Yu Xue, Shumei Hao, Shengchao Yang, Wen Wang, Liangsheng Zhang, Yang Dong, Wei Chen, Jun Sheng. Genome of plant maca (Lepidium meyenii) illuminates genomic basis for high altitude adaptation in the central Andes[J]. MOLECULAR PLANT. 2016.

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